The Cost of Neglect: Semi Truck Maintenance

By MTS Staff

Proper semi truck maintenance consumes about 10% of the annual cost to run a commercial truck. This amounts to roughly twelve cents per mile for a year. Simple maintenance upgrades - such as  replacing semi truck LED lights makes a lot of sense when you consider the real potential costs associated with poorly maintained rig lights. When you fail to care for your rig a whole slew of unexpected costs can emerge.

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The Cost of Neglect-related Damages

Proper maintenance ensures that your rig runs well. Neglect will inevitably lead to a damaged engine if you're not careful. Semi truck engines costs thousands of dollars (labor not included). Heavy truck mechanics charge in the $100 an hour range for road calls. An on-call lot jump for that battery not yet replaced might cost you $40. These costs can add up over the lifetime of a trucker. Just avoid these potential expenses with proper maintenance instead.

Improper Maintenance Related Delay Costs

One of the most obvious expenses for failing to keep up your rig is the cost of delays. Weather related delays are naturally expected on 23% of America's roadways, even if you properly maintain your truck. Bottlenecks, special events, road work zones and traffic accidents are enough for any trucker on a schedule to contend with. If you add an unexpected need to replace a few semi truck LED lights while on the road -- a good chunk of time will be lost -- and only you can calculate that potential cost.

The Real Expense of Service-Related Detours

Imagine how stressful and expensive it would be to have to detour towards the city for service as your lighting system fails. What if you've used up your spare lights and have no other choice? Not only will you incur added travel costs -- you'll also run the risk of being gouged by unscrupulous mechanics who know you're in a jam.  You know the kind: those good fellow types who utter, "Hey bub, so, what are these worth to you?"

The Cost of Poor Maintenance Related Accidents

Aside from risking exposure to rural renegade price-gouging mechanics and paying more for gas to get to a qualified parts and service center, failing to keep up your rig before you hit the road can cost you yet again in the worst imaginable way: an accident. Not only will your insurance premiums rise for a long time, hospital and insurance deductibles will also need to be paid. Major tractor-trailer accidents cost the nation upwards of $20 billion a year. You can't afford to become part of such high-dollar statistic.

Proper semi truck maintenance pays in more ways than one.

With all the potential unexpected costs of improper maintenance in mind, it surely makes better sense to not scrimp in this area of your rig's annual operating costs. Prudent truckers understand the long-term financial benefits of investing in regular maintenance. The cost of properly caring for your semi truck LED lights, brakes, tires, fuel system and engine are miniscule in comparison to what you have to lose. So make a firm commitment to maintain your rig and avoid costly accidents, profit-destroying delays, gas-eating detours, and mafia-style mechanics who prey on truckers who cut corners.

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LED Lights and Truck Safety: A Perfect Combo

By MTS Staff


Every mile on the road in a semi truck increases the odds of a mishap. Safety and trailer lights reduce those odds, which makes them a perfect combination for mindful truckers. LED lights are exceptionally visible from a long distance in low visibility conditions. Truckers and their LED equipped rigs stay seen and safe in some of the worst weather conditions, such as sudden snowstorms, heavy fog and flash downpours of rain.

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There are many reasons why LEDs are ideal for semi truck safety -- and every trucker in the market for a new rig or an update of an old one can benefit from knowing why adding LED lights are a wise choice.

Why LED Lights?


LED lights are easier to see in low visibility situations because their beams of light have unique wavelength characteristics. The inherent directionality of the beam itself makes LEDs superior to other light sources -- instead of a sphere shape spreading of light, LEDs output light in a single direction -- thereby increasing visibility by cutting down the amount light scatters. Wavelength frequency is another advantage LED lights have over other types of lighting units. Such characteristics increase visibility because light emitted from an LED is better able to interact with water droplets or water vapor particles in the atmosphere.


An even distribution of semi truck LED lights emit light that's exceptionally visible in moist weather. Recent research reveals that yellow and red LED lights, in particular, do a better job in reducing interference from reflections than any single high intensity light sources and blue or green LED lights. Another reason yellow and red LEDs increase safety is because they are better at reducing uncontrolled light that can impair vision.


When a rig features LEDs in dense fog or heavy rain, there is no bright veil for drivers to attempt to see beyond when the semi truck LED lights are on a parked rig. Your rig's shape stands out as being strategically illuminated by the red and yellow lights distributed around the entire vehicle's body. Drivers won't have to negotiate masses of scattered light to see your rig. Highway and road travelers just see you, and when they see you, wherever you might be parked, everyone is safer, no matter what happens while you're on the road.


Blue and green LEDs might look cool, but when safety's on the line, you're better off with red and yellow lights. Many consider LED lights as the only reliable light sources that remain visible for up to 1500 feet during foggy days or nights -- and that's the type of distance drivers need for a safe negotiation of a potential road hazard. LED lights light up faster than incandescent lights, about 200 milliseconds faster, which equals an increased reaction time of about one car length when traveling at 65 MPH. In high-risk situations, that's a great advantage.


Semi truck LED lights also outlast their incandescent predecessors. "For applications like brake lights and turn signals, it seems a ‘no-brainer’ in the sense that LED devices tend to be much more efficient," states Dr. John Bullough of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He praises the merits of the LED and confirms they're longer lasting than incandescent lamps, about 100 times longer lasting, according to some sources.


Light scientists and Department of Transportation experts all seem to suggest combining safety and trailer LED lights on a single rig is one of the smartest safety decisions any trucker can make.


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Top 10 Products to Trick Out Your Truck

By MTS Staff

Summer is quickly approaching and we're thinking about the best products to help you trick out your truck. Whether you want to be safer by adding LED lights, or upgrade to a chrome bumper, we have what you need.

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10 Products to Trick Out Your Truck

  • LED Headlights (hottest thing right now)
  • Chrome or stainless bumper
  • Converting all marker lights to LED
  • Chrome windshield visors
  • Chop top windows
  • Powder coated exhaust stacks
  • Sleeper panels with LED lighting
  • TBar setup one piece design
  • Custom fiberglass fenders
  • Chrome wheel covers and lug-nuts

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